Rules and Etiquette

The Peak Rules and Guidelines

- Quiet Time:

  M-F 10pm-6am

  Sat 11pm-10am

  Sun 10pm-6am

- Always have a working phone for emergency contact

- Guests may parallel park on the access roads not on the grass

- Campers are responsible for all guests

- Do not share access codes

- Visit the office for information on deck building

- No Satellite pole installation without Park approval

- Park Speed Limit is 10 MPH, no exceptions

Rules and Grounds-keeping Policies

- Do not park or drive on grass

- Keep the Park clutter free

- Do not park in empty RV Spots

- Mowing is completed every Mon & Fri

- Do not walk through sites

- No rugs left out on the grass

House-keeping Policies

- Please keep park clutter-free

- Throw away all trash in designated areas

- No charcoal pits in-ground

- Throw cold ashes in the dumpster

- Fire pits must have metal screens

- All septic hoses air tight

- No leaking RVs

Laundry Room Guidelines

- Do not wash pet beds

- No sitting on washers or dryers

- No pets allowed in laundy room

- Remember to close the door

- No Smoking

- Please leave area clean

Game Room Guidelines

- No drinks on Pool Table

- No children under 15 unattended

- No Smoking

- Please leave area clean

- Pleas keep ice machine clean and scoop inside container

Dog Policies

- No pitbulls allowed

- Please clean after your dog

- No unattended dogs or excessive barking

- No aggressive behavior allowed in park